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What Girls Are Made Of

May 12, 2013
By KityraAnderson PLATINUM, Mercer Island, Washington
KityraAnderson PLATINUM, Mercer Island, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing matters more than those who depend on you, emotionally or physically. Even if the situation is life or death, you have to be there for them, because they need you.

They say what girls are made of
Are sugar, spice, everything nice.
That saying...
All a lie.
Girls are steel, puppy dog tails,
Who don't have cares in the world.
Others are gold, never get discovered; only fool's gold is taken.
They say what girls are made of
Are glass fr agm ents,
They have no idea if we tried, we'd shatter glass ceilings.
Iron and
Unbreakable, lovable, durable.
We shine like stars in the sky,
We are stronger because
We were born
To be beaten; we're made to bend...

But yet, we concede our world to men.

The author's comments:
I'm sick of stereotypes. Girls aren't china dolls that shatter easily. Inside, at our core, we're strong. Unbreakable, loveable, durable. Let that be a mantra to live by. Even if we are girls, we have strong cores that will see us through hard times.
I broke my collarbone in a judo throw gone wrong. My dad, when he saw it, said to me, "You're never going back again." Well, Dad...Watch me. You can't order me around. If I were my brother, you'd let me step back into that room and how the world what I'm made of:
Diamonds, copper, iron, gold, and steel, born to be beaten and made to bend, I'll come back stronger than you can ever comprehend.

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