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The End

May 25, 2013
By Padoodallee GOLD, Haven, Kansas
Padoodallee GOLD, Haven, Kansas
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"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." -Michelangelou

.gnineppah si wen gnihtemoS
.ytilibissop eht, ereht t”nsi taht gnihtyreve
ees dna egap knalb siht ta kooL
.egarots ni peek uoy taht lla yawa naelc ot
egaruoc evah si od ot evah uoy llA
?gnidne si egap eht taht serac ohW
.gninnigeb eht ylno ro .dne eht si sihT
.noisufnoc ni tsol eb flesruoy tel t’noD
.noisulcnoc eht egnahc nac uoy taht
tsurt emos evah ,no emoc, hO .nugeb
tsuj evah thgim ti kniht I ,tuB
.yrotsih ,tsap si elat siht taht
,yrots siht ot dnarts tsal eht
didnu uoy taht skniht enoyrevE
.dedne yllanif evah uoY

The author's comments:
Read from the bottom line up and right to left. Yeah, it's confusing, but it was really fun

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