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The Last of You, My Sweet

May 31, 2013
By JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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"Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open."
-Frank Zappa

Last night I dreamed of you
A mind's desperate attempt of remembering
Sharing stiff pudding cups under the screams and roar of laughter
Beholding your jeweled royal eyes in mine...
A staring contest I knew I would lose.
Your cackling laughter,
a sweet melody I would never forget
Your charming grace dazzling my every move
My every vision.

Last night I dreamed of you
As you were a year since.
Your mysterious air
Ebbed into my bloodstream
Your bittersweet fallacies
Gripping my heart and soul
Your tethered pull captivating
my every nerve.

I awoke today in buoyancy and bliss
Attempting to continue a fictional mind game.
I opened my russet eyes and felt the pulse of a heart revived and renewed.

Last night I dreamed of you
For the last time.

The author's comments:
Last night I had a dream about a barbarically gracious and beautiful boy with whom I'd spent two summers with a year before.

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