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Music is my Soul

July 1, 2013
By jazzwarrior GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
jazzwarrior GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
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Music is my soul
It is my rock
It sings to my heart
And plays to curves of my visage
Of my ears, of my brain
A serenade can take me a long way
Down a path of blank, boring misery
How uneventful a day can be
Without a stream of dolce sonatas
Or a bunch of Ella's scats
I don't care what you give me
I'll listen if it's good, if it's good on the ear
Because I love Music,
It is my soul, my rock
What I live to listen for everyday
In my head, or on my computer
In a hall or in a movie
Music is the greatest
And will always be so
In my heart I will always return
To the sound of Music

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