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July 4, 2013
By PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
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Lying in bed
Still awake
Wondering how I did it last time
Let's see
I closed my eyes
I took a deep breath
And that is all I can remember
Am I sleepy?
Yes I am
Am I comfortable?
Yes I am
I close my eyes
And take a deep breath
I am still awake
My body wants me to toss and turn
I obey my restless body
And I toss and I turn
I stretch myself as much as I can go
But I feel like a frozen rubber band
My pillow is lumpy
My bed is sucking me into the sheets
I give up
And stare at the ceiling
Faces appear on the boring white wall
They sneer and grin
And terrify me
I look around
Waiting for the monsters to come get me
But surely if there are any monsters
They would have gotten me by now
But what if they are toying with me?
Waiting for me to crack under pressure?
I close my eyes
And take a deep breath
I let every muscle relax
But what if I need to jump up and run?
I tense up
My eyes are peeled
Searching the shadows for apparitions and ghosts
If I close my eyes I won't see it coming
I must be prepared to fight!
But wait a minute
There is no such thing
But is there?
I close my eyes
And take a deep breath
There is nothing there
The door is closed
The nightlight is on
The window is shut tight
Though it lets in a draft
The curtains are drawn
I've checked under the bed
There's nothing but toys
I close my eyes
And take a deep breath

The author's comments:
Sometimes I feel like falling asleep is much harder than it should be.

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