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July 18, 2013
By brittiscliche BRONZE, Leesburg, Georgia
brittiscliche BRONZE, Leesburg, Georgia
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Our lips lock and our breaths come and go

and with each outward breath of yours something oh,

so sweet and serene flows into me.

A tranquilizer of comfort and happiness

is just a fraction of what your breath gives me.

Our lips take leave from one another and words travel forth

as you whisper your sweet heart out to me and oh

so angelic and wonderful as it touches my ears.

A sedative of trust and purity

is just a fraction of what your words give me.

Our hands find each others in the midst of blankets and sheets

and with the single touch of our fingers a shock is sent, oh

so magical and mesmerizing into the pit of my being.

An ataractic of peace and love

is just a fraction of what your touch gives me.

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