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July 25, 2013
By FilledWithAudacity SILVER, Winter Park, Florida
FilledWithAudacity SILVER, Winter Park, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
“The needs of the many
outweigh the needs of the few,
or the one.”

Adam Krieger

I lie in my bed at night, thinking.
Thinking of life and how it’s lived.
Thinking about all the people that don’t think.
Thinking that one day we are all going to die.
Others are okay with it because they can believe.
But I think too much to believe.
I’m always thinking.
And thinking.
And thinking away.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one.
The only one that lies in my bed and thinks at night.
Are my thoughts correct?
I will never know.
But for now I will lie in my bed.

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