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The Stranger

July 26, 2013
By PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
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I tried desperately to keep my body in my seat
But the train refused to heed my pleas
I was jolted and thrown like dice in a box
Somehow I managed to save myself from an embarrassing accident

I watched the scenery outside my window
But was frustratingly distracted by specs of dust
I caught whispers of random conversation
"Is that downtown?"
"I'm going there too!"
"And then change stations at..."

The doors opened and a wave of people poured in
But the train had only so many seats
A few passengers groaned as they stood
Silently fuming at the seated people

The doors closed and we moved once more
I turned my head, scanning the small compartment
I saw kind people giving up their seats for others
And children squealing with delight
I saw friends chatting quietly
And then I saw the Stranger

The Stranger was one of the unlucky passengers
Who was made to stand due to the lack of seats
With arms crossed and back against the end of the compartment
The Stranger stood silently

I studied the hard face of the Stranger
I observed the calm manner and the stiffness
I noted the curious way the frown seemed to stretch the face
And the gentle way the eyes gazed at the floor

To anyone else, the Stranger was just another human being
But I wanted to know the secrets held within
I wanted to know the Stranger's story and sympathize with the misfortunes
I wanted to cheer on accomplishments no matter the size or number
I wanted to befriend the Stranger for reasons unknown to even myself
Although the Stranger was just a stranger to me

Throughout the journey, the Stranger never spoke
Eyes never left the floor
I could see the experience hidden in stable feet
The Stranger never once fought to regain balance
Although the train seemed to bear its grudge

I threw frivolous glances
I tried to catch the Stranger's eye
In high hopes that a smile could be spared
But the Stranger never saw me
And I was greatly disappointed
But I didn't have the time to introduce myself
Even if I had the guts to do it

The doors opened and the Stranger slipped away
I watched sadly as the figure seemed to glide into the distance
Obviously in a hurry, the Stranger didn't once look back
For I longed to waved goodbye

The train took off again and I found myself at a loss
The Stranger took away the memories and stories
That I would have gladly listened to
The Stranger took away the silent secrets
That I would have guarded with my life

The Stranger took away things that only I knew were taken
The Stranger took my support and my best wishes
The Stranger took my disgust and replaced it with curiosity
I will never forget the Stranger
The friend I never had

The author's comments:
We all see some random stranger that we like a lot for no apparent reason.

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