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Bed In The Sky

August 14, 2013
By PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
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I wish for a cozy nest in which to lay my head
Made of gleaming angels’ feathers just like mother said
I’d float in slumber high above, forgetting my old, ordinary bed
And drift away among the clouds as the sky turns red

I would be kept safe and sound
With sparkling clouds all around
And to those below I would never be found
Among the people and solid ground

The wind would whistle just for me
Stars and planets as far as I can see
No one can reach, not man or tree
Lying on the horizon between land and sea

The moon would beam a gentle smile
And treat me as its only child
That stars would sing a song so mild
And my dreams would be piled a mile high

I’d smell flowers and pleasant things
Covered with silver, crowns and rings
I’d listen to the mountain as she sings
And the giant sun bell as it rings

And when the sun came crawling out
I’d awaken and give a shout
I wouldn’t cry, I wouldn’t pout
Around me, cheers all about

The grass would grow
The farmer would sow
The rooster would crow
Still nobody would know
That I am looking down from up above
Gentle in flight like an innocent dove

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