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On That Last Night

August 27, 2013
By FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
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I miss you, and I recall everything on that last night
But it's not good enough when it's just in my mind
I need you here with me, telling me I'm going to be alright
And I remember those silly stories, we shared in hushed voices
I can't forget the vivid expression in our eyes and our faces
As we talked over our views, our lives and our choices
You were the only one who saw the fear in my eyes
You said "you look frightened, but its okay, its alright"
And you gave me the reassurance to not ask "why?"
We hold each over in conversation in this old room
I had you and the whole world, I had nothing to lose
well, I guess that wasn't strictly true
And in that last moment of that last night on the last holiday
I realised how I needed you for the rest of my days
But I had realised a last moment too late
I miss you, and I miss everything on that last night

The author's comments:
Just about loosing one of my closest friends

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on Aug. 29 2013 at 10:30 pm
WallFlowerAlice GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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"Wow, now that you put it like that I will admit at one point I was there for a guy I could never let go." said Alison.