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August 28, 2013
By LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
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I hold on to every word you say
Lost in the maze of
Your dreamer disposition

Me, a wide eyed fawn
follow you into
And enter the world you live in
The majestic fantasy you inhabit.
You hold the disposition of a dreamer
Contained in the sea of blue that's held by your gaze.
Your world is different and fast and bright,
Enthralled in everything mine is not.
Plaid and thick black with swooping 40's gel.
Sticks and running through
I hold onto every world that leaves your lips.
The lion silently surrounds, brushing and soft.
You lose me in this maze
Of your dream
Of this enchanted place
As you go on and on

Oh dreamer never change

You spin me around
To the beat that you play
That leaves from your lips
And blows me away

You lose me in this maze
Of your gaze
Of your dream
Of what may seem

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