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The Escape Preview

September 1, 2013
By WallFlowerAlice GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
WallFlowerAlice GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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When its hot and cloudy. The sky is nearly pitch black choking the sky. You loose your control and stop whatever your doing to gaze at the sky. Those who have the power and will to continue on with their lives without letting life get in the way are the lucky ones. The ones who can't are not always fortunet and usually don't make it. To see the sun rise and set. This story let alone is about a group of teenagers that are a rejects of society or outcast. Our main character is given two options that way her future and will greatly affect those around her. Her family and past are enemies and her boyfriend and friends are her saviors. You have two options your family and sweet misery or freedom and forever?

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"Please read and comment opinions welcome. Rate it to. Thx

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