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The Curse On Earth

August 29, 2013
By FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
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A rope hangs in the room - the disease that has no cure
Rushed time, short lives of the premature
Small girls and boys born into an early death
And theres no life in those who are left
The plague that occures in so many bodies
And soon they all fall down to the cemetries
The generations of the depressed age
The overdosed, underweight and cut wirsts stage
The tortured souls of the men and women who go
Because they see no other hope.

A march of office drones - the disease that has no cure
And I watch the race onwards to a 'beautiful' future
The big greedy men with their suits of black and grey
Throw themsleves at green paper gems of today
God may of been a man who travelled back in time
So he can warn the years to come for human kind
And hell is just an image of where he is from
But we keep on building our fate in sin and stone
Our Economy and Cities are eating us alive
The Goverment and Companies crushing our rights.

Modelling and media - the disease that has no cure
Making each and every teengager feel insecure
Beautiful girls with porcelien skin and dark eyes
Suck in their hollow cheeks, blow a kiss goodbye
Goodbye to their wings of individuality
For they are not needed to fit into society
Can you feel the constriction on you
because its not perfect, because its true
You need your curvy figure, shaved legs, skinny waist
You need your healthy long locks and your fake face

Our purpousful wars - a disesase that has no cure
Little men pick themselves off of the floor
Take their axes and chop away at the woods
The animals would flee if they could
And soilders take another shot at the enemy
Innocent men killed in the name of their country
Bombs land on the surface and in the sea
Scarring the Earths skin as we please
And we keep fighting; The Earth, siblings and mothers
Mother nature, strangers, oursleves and eachover

A disease that has no cure
It'll roam the earth forever more
And what can the scientists and doctors do
Even if the authorites knew
How do we get rid of this disgusting plague
This ill deamon spawn - the human race.

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