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Cool School

September 6, 2013
By PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
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Wouldn’t it be cool to have recess again?
Wouldn’t it be just awesome if school started at noon?
Imagine if all the teachers were laid back
What if never had any homework?
If we could ride to school on horseback!
If we could teleport from class to class!
It would be great if we didn’t have textbooks
Each weighting about half a ton
If we were taken out for lunch
Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds?
If we went on fieldtrips every other day
If classes only lasted twenty minutes each!
If we were allowed to choose our own classes and the students in them!
If we could watch movies all day and not have to fill out worksheets!
If PE was nonexistent!
If we had ten minutes to spare before each class began!
Could we please get rid of math and chemistry?
And when will I ever use the Scientific Method?
If we were allowed to goof off in class!
If lockers were bigger and we had room to move
Without bumping awkwardly into the person next to us!
If we could go to school in our pajamas
Carrying a blanket and a cup of hot coffee
If school was cancelled for absolutely no discernible reason
And we could get into college for free!
Jobs would always be readily available
With our names written in gold on the front
If we could cheat during tests by writing the answers on the wall
Or shout an answer out to those who are struggling
And the teacher wouldn’t bat and eye
While we’re talking about this
Why not just get rid of tests once and for all?
And at the end of the school year
When every one of us graduates
We’d each get a pet dinosaur
And a cupcake festival
And a million dollars
Just for trying our hardest

You know what?
Forget it.
It’s never going to happen.
But it’s nice to imagine what would become of us
If it did.

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