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A Child's Dream

September 18, 2013
By Dynamo DIAMOND, Lahore, Other
Dynamo DIAMOND, Lahore, Other
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The road is free, the path is set
The sun shines, the way is paved
The memory is clean, the mind fresh
But on the heart lies a burden strange
The paths to creative will I saw
The road of deep destiny I traversed
But there remained, in a corner hidden
A coil of flesh and stink and dirt
That gnawed ever inside me
That clung to me like a snake
In the grass, it I bred
In the bosom o my heart
Not knowing where its companions slept
Then when I found a path to ride
Did it rise in full glare
Of all those who dared to stare
It made a way inside me
And rooted itself in my being
The path to which I was bound
Became lost in a murky, muddy pond
I was in a desert, all alone
With none to share my grievous tide
I saw the light of dawn and slept
The nights were my living hours
In thoughts and dreams I made my abode
In a sea of fire, I ran as a stream
That makes its way to the sea
The deep, blue abode of life
Without which life would be a lie
Drenched in fear, I ran
Away from the gloomy sands
I saw a light, shining afar
Whose glint was no illusion
It came nearer, and hey!
It found its way in my heart
My being shone, as the roots broke
And the sun of hope was drawn
From the curtains beyond the sky
In glory and life I won!

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