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Perfect World

October 3, 2013
By amarie101 SILVER, West Union, West Virginia
amarie101 SILVER, West Union, West Virginia
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Close your eyes
Think hard about what I say
Imagine a world stripped of hate and lies
A world filled with love every day

Imagine a world without depression and suicide
Where people were kind to each other and cared
Without bullying and constant homicide
People being threatened and tormented online by posts being shared

Imagine a world without poverty and malnutrition
People were happy and healthy and strong
Not miserable and in a state of depression
Just hoping to belong

Imagine a world where the grass was always green
And animals weren't on the verge of extinction
Where through the water a reflection can be seen
And being yourself wasn't a constant restriction

Imagine a world where the sun always shines bright
Where people are hand in hand
No more darkness and all you can see is light
No more outcasts and no one is ever banned

No open your eyes, look around you
What do you see?
Does any of what I said seem true?
Are we really the land of the free?

Day in and day out, people dye everywhere
From suicide, homicide, illness, malnutrition, and genocide
It all becomes too much to bear
But yet, it still happens, but now it's time to decide

What is there that we can do?
How do we stop this chaotic monstrosity?
Where do we start?
How do we get people to see?

Start with yourself, make a change
Be a friend, and lend a hand
It may sound strange
But it's time to take a stand

I want to see the world I described
I want to see it in front of me
Not in my mind, and not impossible to find
I want to see everyone be free

It may seem hard to make real
And it may seem really strange
But I do know I am one of those people
That wants to make a change

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I look at the world and see that it's falling apart. People are suffering and teens are committing suicide. I hear bullying happening nonstop. And that people are killed or go missing. I hear that people end up with a disease that they can't cure and that certain countries don't have enough food to eat. I hear people being hateful to each other. And...I'm tired of seeing that. This isn't a world I want to live in. We have a beautiful world...and we're destroying it. And I want to see people do something about it.

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