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Playing Catch

October 11, 2013
By Adaijah.Smith SILVER, West Haven, Connecticut
Adaijah.Smith SILVER, West Haven, Connecticut
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"You are not where you come from"

Don't make me that girl next door
the one that is used as a prize around you distant homeboys
or the girl never mentioned to your parents

Don't make me feel invisible
with harsh words and harsh tones
and rude actions and gestures

I'm under your spell and i can't stay away
but what if i'm the problem
hiding from my siblings and overprotective father
ashamed to say that i have fallen for you

i'm under your spell but your functioning because of mine
you have given me power and i'm out of control
keeping you a long lost secret from the ones i love
i say i'm not ready but i am
seeing pictures of couples happy and free
freedom one say
hes my world another

i always felt jealous of you
being so intact with yourself
and knowing what you what and when
knowing who you are and why you're made that way

teach me the ropes of life
from the dotting of my I’s and
crossing of my T’s

I'm afraid of drowning too far without a steady hand to gasp to
a warm body to cuddle next too
sweet lips to sing too

Tell me your catch me although i'll never believe it
i say tell me you're never leave me
even if i always tell you to disappear

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