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October 17, 2013
By amarie101 SILVER, West Union, West Virginia
amarie101 SILVER, West Union, West Virginia
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"I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins. Spotlight on me and
I'm ready to break. I'm like a performer, the danceflloor is my stage. Better be ready, hope that you feel the same." -Britney Spears, Circus

Confidence is the key to life...they told me
But what was the point of that key?
What was the point if I couldn't use it?
Day in and day out, everything I did just didn't seem to fit
No matter what I did, in the end, I would seek to my shell for residence
And people realized...I lacked confidence
They would tell me to just "stand out and be myself"
But yet they'd set me aside like a doll on a shelf
I lacked confidence in everything I did
Because whatever I did, they would forbid
It got to the point to where guys who desired lust took advantage of me
It may not have been physically, but it was emotionally
I began to hate myself and everything about me
Hiding away in my shell and never being free
People saw that...and shunned the girl who was afraid
Afraid to stand out and dealt with a constant emotional raid
Their behavior towards me made life uneasy
Over the years...I just wished they would see
Eventually my pain turned to anger and anger to determination
I would be like Janet Jackson and create a rhythm nation
I danced, I sang, and I acted out with feeling
I stood out...and became my own being
I ignored their judgements and resistance
I fought back and shell's residence
When they asked...what changed? How'd you leap the fence?
I just smiled and said...I found my confidence.

The author's comments:
I wrote this so show people there is nothing wrong with being yourself. You shouldn't be afraid to stand out. I'm glad I did. I'm a senior in high school now. I'm in a good relationship with a good guy(literally...I don't have any red flags with him). I'm a varsity cheerleader and track runner. I play flute in the marching band. I'm also in Envirothon. I even act in school plays. People see who I really am and accept me for it. And it's all because I found my confidence and let people see that I'm not afraid to me myself.

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