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October 28, 2013
By Jack_the_pumpkinking GOLD, Durango, Colorado
Jack_the_pumpkinking GOLD, Durango, Colorado
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Fear and Pain. You need both to get stronger. You need both to push you through the battles of your life. But at the end of the battle. You must learn to get rid of the fear and pain, or be consumed. - Jack_the pumpkinking

I was broken,
but strong,
I was in pain,
but I was resilient,
and then I became happy,
your destructive manipulation,
I began to feel safe,
my heart opened up to you and you built it up around you,
you made a castle out of my heart and you were it’s queen,
but in the end,
you left,
and when you left you destroyed that castle,
you destroyed my heart,
and caused me to put up my barriers again,
now i’m strong again,
but strong,
in ruins,
but still alive,
and I’m not letting you back in until I rebuild myself,
and I know that you’ve changed

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