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The Leaf

October 29, 2013
By azacious SILVER, Keedysville, Maryland
azacious SILVER, Keedysville, Maryland
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Can you see it?
The little lone leaf on top of the mighty tree.
Yes, that. Can you see it?
It’s a burnt orange I’d say, maybe with a hint of yellow.
It looks so… majestic up there.
We are naturally drawn to its bold autumnal color.
A powerful and mighty little leaf it is;
It looms over us, dying,
And to us, that makes it all the more beautiful.
Have you ever wanted to just jump up and grab that lone leaf?
Or let the seasons save you the trouble
And have it fall straight down into your glistening palm
As the breath of winter runs down your neck.
Oh look, there it falls now;
It tumbles through the air swaying every which way
And soon I find this little leaf perched on the top of my head.
I gently take it off and examine it more closely
It’s fragile, like the glass vase your mom said to never touch.

Can you see it?
The colossal cumulus cloud that has overtaken the sky.
Yes, that. Can you see it?
It is as if that cloud is mourning the life of the leaf
The little leaf that took its last breath a few moments ago
As it plummeted towards the cool ground.
The cloud had no idea the leaf was going to plunge
And all it can do is watch over the leaf’s deathbed.
Would you consider it tragic?
Or would you just consider it the way of life?
Eventually the cloud will start to dissipate
Letting the sun shine once more.
This little leaf in my hand is starting to change
From its burnt orange to a dull brown.
If this leaf is still changing, could we say it’s alive?
A ray of sunshine peeks through from the cloud;
A little glimmer of hope for the poor leaf.
I can feel the wind build like a volcano about to erupt.
Did you just feel the blast of cold air?
It took the dismal, lifeless brown leaf with it.
The ray of sunshine dissolves
And I walk somberly away.

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October 28th, 12:00PM

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