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I'm Sorry

November 6, 2013
By Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
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Sorry for being smart,
That I can actually
Carry on a conversation
About more than just
How my day is going
And what I had to drink
Last night.
I’m sorry
For those late nights
When I wish I could be you,
As if I could actually
Feel confident
That the people who surround me
Like me.
Excuse me for talking in class,
When the whole world is silent,
And no one seems to know what to say.
I’m sorry I know the right words.
I don’t mean to be what you’ve dubbed
“A teacher’s pet”
That’s something I never wanted.
It just happens when all I have to talk about
Is my analysis on a subject I care for.
But still,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.

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