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Trust you or myself

November 18, 2013
By Adaijah.Smith SILVER, West Haven, Connecticut
Adaijah.Smith SILVER, West Haven, Connecticut
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Trust what is the meaning behind it
Leaving your fate in the hands of a juvenile delinquent
going day by day not knowing when he might drop you
what do you fear the most
being told he loves you and he lied
ahh gasp i didn't see that one coming
no i actually fear love
i fear somebody so amazing coming into my life
and leaving me like i'm a bad habit
i fear happiness, commitment and you
i fear falling asleep next to the guy i'm completely in love with
and him just being gone the next time i open my eyes
because he was tired of my bull
tired of my lies and inability to talk out my feelings
to share my inner self and thoughts with him
i'm sorry i'm not who you thought i was
next time i'll be more blunt about it
just know i'm far from your fairy princess
i don't believe in love at all
not love at first sight or anything
love is something to make people think they are on top of the world
and proof they are gone just a quickly as they came
raw wounds, swelling tear ducts , forged promises
lies fake laughter artificial smiles,
constant cries and a horrifying past.
faith smashed lost loves..
and the “trust me” that didn’t last.
You sir and your deceiving love
have been incarcerated
by my mind. heart and soul

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