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The Taxidermist's Guilt

November 25, 2013
By heartagramflex PLATINUM, Moore, South Carolina
heartagramflex PLATINUM, Moore, South Carolina
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The thing that people don't realize about taxidermy is that it's REALLY messy
Livid animals days before, now stuffed mannequins of life
I see these creatures joyous one moment
Then in the next they're lifeless
Frozen in time, they bear (no pun intended) their last expression
Eyes wide open
Mouths clinched shut
They know the end has come
As they take n the last drop of life
BOOM! They're gone.
I've taken their life forevermore
Int he name of style, I take one life to benefit another
To fashion into morbid decorations
Why on earth would someone WANT a severed head displayed?
Or a dead bear standing proud as their centerpiece?
I'm in no place to ask questions, however
My job is my job
Nothing more, nothing less
Ask questions, suffer consequences
That's what I've always been told
As I wander back to work
I return with a sense of guilt
For that cute bunny you saw pulling in
Whilst slouching in your leather seat made of another lifeless soul's skin
Is now gutless and shall serve as a mantelpiece
In someone else's home

The author's comments:
Occupational poem.

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