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Ink Blot

November 27, 2013
By thomakab14 SILVER, North Canton, Ohio
thomakab14 SILVER, North Canton, Ohio
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Ink blot,
Radiates onto pristine blanc slices.

Once upon a; A long time ago; In a land far away…


Tear it up. Blanc sheet number 6.

Mental silence deforms into mental insanity.

Ink blot. Blot.

Blot blot blot.
Rip, tear.

Ideas? Absent. More absent than flu season in primary.

Blots scattered about now, maintaining no form.

I must lay down
Now. Try, some distant day. Or not so distant in the sense, separated only by les rêves.
I glance down.
Night-stained hands and vide mind.

Bonne nuit. A demain, ink blot.

The author's comments:
(Note: Anything italicized is french. Thought it would add a little dimension. Translations are as follows- Blanc/White; Vide/Empty; les reves/dreams; bonne nuit/good night; A demain/see you tomorrow).
(Note2: Blanc is translated to be white in french but has a double meaning as both its english pronunciation as 'blank' and its french meaning 'white.')

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