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I Will Love You

December 9, 2013
By ElaineEL27 GOLD, Fayette, Iowa
ElaineEL27 GOLD, Fayette, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consume. The sweetest honey
Is loathsome in his own deliciousness
And in the taste confounds the appetite.
Therefore love moderately.

When horses don’t prance
And dogs don’t bark,
When dancers can’t dance
And the only bird is the lark,

When fish can’t swim
And the turtle has no shell,
When great mammoths exist
And there is no Hell,

When snakes grow feet
And the rain won’t fall,
When the sun lacks heat
And there’s food for all,

When dolphins meow
And humans can’t talk,
When the sky falls down
And we no longer walk,

When there is no pain
And there’s no such thing as sad,
When no one’s insane
And we don’t get mad,

When the sky burns pink
And murderers don’t kill,
When the world blows up,
I will love you still.

I loved you then;
I fell long ago
Way back when
I first saw your glow.

This feeling won’t fade;
That love is not in the past.
Let me write you poetry
About how we’re meant to last.

Even if the skies rain blood,
We’ll be fine.
Even if there’s a second Great Flood,
You’ll still be mine.

Until I can’t sing,
Until I can’t rhyme,
My darling, I will love you
Past the end of time.

The author's comments:
If any of you have read my work before, you probably know that I always write at weird times. I typically write during boring classes, and lately my class of choice to write in is my college general biology class. This is about my love for my boyfriend, Joe. He means so much to me, so this will be one of his Christmas presents. Please comment if you think I should make some changes. :)

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