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December 9, 2013
By outsider SILVER, Amawalk, New York
outsider SILVER, Amawalk, New York
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The heart breaks and breaks and lives by breaking, it is nessesary to go through dark and deeper dark and not to turn
-the testing tree

I’m tired,
but it’s not the tired, thats solved by sleep
oh no, that’s the kind of tired I wish it was.
Its the tired you feel,
after hours of crying
with red, dry, swollen eyes
that silently scream,
“just stop the suffering”

I’m tired
from years of therapy
and years of pain
and years of trying,
of wishing, oh so hard
to just
to be alright.
Im tired
From trying
to hide it,
from trying
to be happy
from trying,
to just stay strong.
But how can I keep trying?
when right now,
I’m just
so tired

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