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Cathedral Boy

January 15, 2014
By PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
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Behind the doors of the old Cathedral in London
Knelt a little orphan boy at the dusty wooden altar
His hands perpetually folded in sincere prayer
His lips moving silently with the words of a memorized psalm
His knees were scarred and worn from falling on hard concrete
His white robes hung loosely around him like a warm blanket
His shadow flickering in time with the candlelight surrounding him
His eyes shut tightly for fear of what he might see if he opened them
So many hours he had spent in the Cathedral that his skin became pale
His hair neatly cut and cleaned out of respect for the church

This little lad prayed for friendship to find him
For when he went looking for it, disaster followed
He prayed for an angel to guide his footsteps
He prayed for the children who taunted him outside the Cathedral walls
He prayed for the sick and the poor and those who were as lonely as he
He prayed for kings and queens and those who were as sad as he
He prayed for the beasts lurking in the forests who were wild and frightening
He prayed for the evil doers and the kind hearted
He prayed for the people he once knew who had treated him well
He prayed for the wars to end and the people to be happy
He prayed for a better world and a bright future for all

No one saw this boy kneeling at the altar beside the Lord
No one heard his prayers beside the Lord
No one knew his pain beside the Lord
No one could help him beside the Lord
And all this he knew

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