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January 14, 2014
By Webbyd SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
Webbyd SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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Monsters are real and ghost are real too. They live inside of us and sometimes.... They win.
- Stephen King

Don’t worry little child.
Don’t worry baby girl.
She would always say kissing my fore head.
Don’t be afraid,
Face your fears.
Don’t be scared to show people to show people that you are not a fake.
She would tell me hugging me tightly.
Now that she is gone; I don’t know what to do
I want to believe that she is still alive.
I want to believe that she is home in her favorite rocking chair.
I want to believe she is home.
That Green or teal house I could never could tell the difference.
I can’t go near it.
If I do I will cry.
It feels so empty without her
It feels do different not seeing her face.
To want to see her again
I want to see her pretty eyes sparkle in the light
I want to hold her hand.
All I want is to see her again.
I don’t want to look at a head stone.
I don’t want to look at a grave.
I don’t want to look at the ground.
I want her back.
I didn’t want to say good-bye
I never had the chance to.
I blame myself; I stay awake at night blaming myself for her death
I can’t forgive myself.
I can’t say good-bye
But she did

In living memory of Ida W.
November 1, 1923- December 27th 2012
Love ya grandma

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my grnad mother. she passed away 2 years ago and it has hit me hard. and no body cant see that i loved her so much

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