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January 26, 2014
By AliLinnS GOLD, Heislerville, New Jersey
AliLinnS GOLD, Heislerville, New Jersey
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"I love you, sweet Kate. And I'm truly sorry about this. I do feel...everything." -Casanova
Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

I pray one day you'll love me the same,
and we won't have to play this silly game.
Come chase me if you will,
give me your loving thrill.
Make my quill write quicker,
my wrist even sicker.
Lie with me tonight, my Love,
give my heart just one last shove.
And when morning comes,
will you let my tongue run over your gums?
Just one last kiss,
for oh, sweet bliss.

The author's comments:
Taken out of an original poem of mine, but this was the only good part.

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