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I've a Desire

February 13, 2014
By TheNostalgicVermin BRONZE, Corona, California
TheNostalgicVermin BRONZE, Corona, California
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Is it okay if we sit side by side on the gingham fabric that so delicately masks the green nature
so sharp and prickly
As we eat watermelon, spitting out those pesky little seeds that somehow manage to sneak their way onto our tongues
Is it alright if we touch our fingertips together
And allow our eyes to gaze into one anothers
Long enough to count the red vesseles
Close enough to descry the bags resting underneath from the sleepless nights from our exchanges dialogue
Can we simply share the summer breeze on our bare skin
Exposed to the sun
that leaves its vexatious burn out of jealousy of the love we are so lucky to share.
Is it too much to desire?

The author's comments:
I've never actually been in love (only crushes) I did try my very best to pull from my untouched emotions of love to write this piece. Enjoy <3

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