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i want

March 20, 2014
By Adaijah.Smith SILVER, West Haven, Connecticut
Adaijah.Smith SILVER, West Haven, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"You are not where you come from"

I want a song by an African American artist
That doesn't degrade women
That talks about our beautiful smiles and faces
Instead of our body’s and bedroom advantages
Calling us big booty hoes will not increase our self respect
Or make us feel any better about ourselves.
I want to be approached with a hello and a smile with confidence and respect.
Not an emotionless inbox on facebook calling me shawty with blatant disrespect
And unthinkable intentions.
I don't want skin tone to define what society thinks I represent
Or my body to represent what you think I do.
I want people to look at me with caring eyes
When I tell you I’m a virgin and not a shocked expression
And ask Why
Why... why what-
Why do I have self respect?
Why do I not think of myself as a bag of money?
Why do I not refer to myself as a b**** or redbone?
Why don't I respond to yo light skinned or hey big butt.
Why am I being defined by my outside appearance?
The question is- since when
Since when is it okay for a man to place his hands on a woman
Since when is it okay to refer to one of gods creations as a
B**** or a hoe.
What happened to the old days?
When you had to ask a girl’s father for permission to take her on a date
When sex before marriage was a sin
When women didn’t have to get on her knees to keep
A man around.
This society my generation is so twisted
I’m done with it.
I’m not lowering myself worth to myself
To get a boyfriend because people think I’m lonely.
I'm content with being by myself
And the sooner people realize your lifestyle doesn't fit me the sooner
I’ll be happy to go downtown alone
Without fear of a bum will study my undeveloped
Hips or thighs.
Like imp worth a trade of two bag s of skittles
And a pack of gum

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