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They Said

April 15, 2014
By LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
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They said that there was
nothing sweeter
than your lips.

They said that the
curve in you hand
was made to hold
a hand like mine.

They said that the
bow of my back
would fix perfectly
in the crest of your arm.

They said the
nap of your neck
smelt of
pepper and ginger—
of incense and romance

They said you had a way
You had a way
You had a way
You had a way
There is no doubt
that you had a way.

But that was all
they could say
That was all they
would say

They said
They said
They said

But they said wrong.
Deceitful were their words
For you weren't heaven
But hell

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