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April 11, 2014
By chameleonnsoul SILVER, Irvine, California
chameleonnsoul SILVER, Irvine, California
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"You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time, it's not a mistake, It's a choice."

I was sitting in my room
Watching the monotonous rain
Pour violently on the street
In front of my house,
And I saw a flash of lighting
Followed by the unmistakable sound
And I decided to go outside
For some unexplainable reason
As I crouched on the porch
On the dry part,
Another flash of lighting came
Illuminating the neighborhood
And for a moment, the entire block
Looked the way it did in late after noon
So I realized then
The darkness was no different than the light
We just saw it the way we imagined it to be
And so after that night,
I was never afraid of the dark.

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