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The One Who Sees

May 26, 2014
By LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
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What do I see?
I see souls;
and found
and diligently, yet wearily
going about their day.

I see hearts;
and confused—
yearning to be made whole.

Aimlessly they wonder,
searching, and hoping
to find what it
is they are looking for.
Yet they are blind—
they cannot see—
they feel; they know they want—
yet they do not see it.

But I see,
I can see.
I AM the One who sees.
And I watch their
desultory groping
as they try to find
what is not there;

I watch
and I wait
and I pity

For they will never see—
or find—
unless they
respond to my voice—
to my beckoning—
and come to me.

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