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You and Me

June 22, 2014
By chameleonnsoul SILVER, Irvine, California
chameleonnsoul SILVER, Irvine, California
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The boy in front of me
With freckles sprinkled on his skin
On his chest, that I could just
Trace like constellations,
Has his palm on the back of my neck,
Giving me goose bumps everywhere.

His lips come closer

And my breath hitches
And his touch fills my veins
Like liquid nitrogen slipping
Into my blood stream
And making my heart tick tock
Like a stopwatch
And time is slowed down in my mind

His lips touch mine

And my breath mixes with his
Soon, my aura is entangled with his own
Dancing like flames
Enwrapping us in this emotion and all I can feel
Is you and me.

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