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July 22, 2014
By PoisonMind PLATINUM, Vallejo, California
PoisonMind PLATINUM, Vallejo, California
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Your love outruns me
I can chase for as long and fast as I can go
But someday the road will end
And what do you expect?
For me not to lose hope?

I don't need to understand
I'm not even so sure I want to
But tell me, if I never stop thinking about you
Will that cause fate to sway?

If you think you're a mystery
Believe me, you are
And Im over trying to figure you out
Its too painful to stare at your picture
And expect to keep breathing

If you're feeling lost
Ill no longer be there
As soon as you're left alone in the dark
Ill hear my name at the top of your lungs
This is not the situation in which I wanted that from

You'll feel used and bent out of shape
Its okay, take it from me that you'll be fine
Well, as fine as a broken heart can be
But at least the first to move on
Was me

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