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How Will I Know?

August 4, 2014
By SuzieQ777 GOLD, Franklin, Virginia
SuzieQ777 GOLD, Franklin, Virginia
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How do you know it's love?

It feels real nice
Looks real nice,
but does that really mean anything?

I mean, he holds my hand and opens doors for me.
The others never did that.
He doesn't judge me either, no matter my reputation.

As if he doesn't mind or could he like that about me?
The others like it about me.
Maybe he actually doesn't care...but how could he not.
A guy like him has to care.

I wouldn't call myself a Virgin Mary, I've pressed my lips on many others and let others see and feel my warm flesh. I can't exactly call things that last so short love or even so much as like. Nothing but lust has been buried within me.

But yet he is still here by my side, how can that be!
Maybe it is love, maybe it's not.
I feel safe with him.

So, we'll take it slow and see where it goes.
I will only allow love and love only from him.
No lust.

Wish me luck

The author's comments:
I know people, men and women go through situations such as these.

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