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Bye bye

September 2, 2014
By Austin42.0 GOLD, Seven Points, Texas
Austin42.0 GOLD, Seven Points, Texas
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peace comes with solitude



You are beautiful

So graceful 

Loving and caring

Not ever despairing

Full of hope 

you make skies blue

My dear meemaw 

I love you


You told me "bye bye"

That one last time

With tears in my eyes

I still wouldn't cry

Because I remember

Just what you want

To see your beloved

That you lost once


But you counted through the year

The months and the days

Oh I'm almost certain

Just to see his face

You still haven't left us 

I know you are here

Because when I'm upset

I feel you stop my tears


You whisper to me

Just one last time

"Don't cry for me,

I love you, bye bye"


The author's comments:

My peepaw passed of lung cancer the day before valentines, a few years ago. His wife, my meemaw, was then found with lung cancer no more than a year after. My last conversation with her on her bed the day she passed went like this



her: "bye bye"

Me: (chuckles) "bye bye meemaw"

her: "bye bye"

me: (getting sadder)"bye bye"

her: "bye bye"

me: "..."

my mother: "bye bye, but we aren't leaving yet we only just got here"

her: "bye bye" 

then she closed her eyes and fell asleep... I wrote this for you kaye, you'll always be close to my heart.



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