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From Bangkok to Bayridge

September 6, 2014
By LRotenstein GOLD, Ashland, Massachusetts
LRotenstein GOLD, Ashland, Massachusetts
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From Bayridge to Bangkok,

The world will be ours.

I’ll be Kirk, and you’ll be Spock;

We’ll visit Monet’s Garden and smell the flowers.


From Montmartre to Montreal,

We’ll try those French accents of ours.

It’ll be an adventure; impossibly real.

And in London we’ll dodge left-driving cars.


From Cape Town to Cairo,

We’ll see the sun set over the African plains,

And be free to roam wherever we go.

Our passports will overflow with hundreds of names.


From New Zealand to Zurich,

We’ll see penguins and snow.

We’ll climb St. Peter-Platz in Munich.

We’ll learn absolutely everything we’ve ever wanted to know.


From Moscow to Moravia,

From Venice to Venezuela.

From the tops of the Andes,

To the bottom off the Amazon Basin.


The things we will see,

The things we will hear,

The stories we’ll collect,

And the memories we’ll share.


We’ll leave locks over bridges,

And see castles untouched by time.

Dance like gypsies,

And ride buses stacked high.


There are only a few things, a traveler needs:

A backpack; for their belongings,

A passport; for their freedom,

And a companion; to share their lodgings.


Now, let’s dream of more places,

On this adventure of ours.

Nothing is too wild, or too far out of reach;

From the city of Bangkok, to the Bayridge Beach.

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