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All These Crazy People

September 23, 2014
By Starcatcher001 SILVER, Cypress, Texas
Starcatcher001 SILVER, Cypress, Texas
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I am surrounded by blinded, crazy people
who actually try to pick me up when I fall to the ground.
I am driven mad by their insanity and sometimes I can only cover my face with my fingers,
but when I show insanity, these insane, ridiculous people
embrace it, embrace me.
These lost and mad people also listen so precisely-
So unnecessarily precisely-
to my every antic.
I am surrounded by blinded, crazy people who cut holes in paintings for fun
Who enjoy breaking the system with smiles on their faces
And little halos above their heads.
I am friends with those who compete for the golden Ramen noodles
Instead of the golden prize,
Because they know that it will make a great story for later.
I live in a mad, mad world.
But I know that I will always find solace curled up in the tatters of an imperfect painting
With my impossible friends to tell me,
"It's alright to be imperfect."

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