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Black Ink

November 10, 2014
By Sarbear1011 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
Sarbear1011 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Different but Beautiful"

Dark walls reaching for the selling;
stretching from wall to wall,
corner to corner 


A girl sits alone
Long, straight, black hair
Mysterious eyes
Notepad and ink in had
Writing her feeling;
writing her thoughts
Allowing everything to scream and become free


Music feels the room
Blasting in her ears;
filling her brain with memories,


The words creeping across the pages
A Notebook full of experiences,
Showing the girls true self
Not afraid to let the notebook see her true colors
Allowing the pages to scream the thoughts in her head
Black ink spilling out all her secrets
Embarrassing moments,
feeling for people,
pain, confusion, fear


The black ink,
the secrets,
the pain, 
Creating a mask;
a protection from the world


Maybe one day the world will see;
the personality the paper hides,
the truth the ink spills


A girl sitting alone in a coroner
Music blasting in her ears
Her heart spilling on blank pages with black ink;
her mask growing thicker and thicker

The author's comments:

This poam was inspired by my own thoughts, experiances, and ways of relaxation. 

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