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December 5, 2014
By clar_xo BRONZE, Auckland, Other
clar_xo BRONZE, Auckland, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I would rather be happy then dignified

I walk into the city alone
Dreading what awaits
Every thought of it a small dagger
Dripping with poignant purple blood
Instead I find
A pair of sparkling heels
In front of my back door
And as soon as my feet step into them
I found Wonderland
The ordinary was now lost in it
But after a few wondrous glimpses
My feet tenderly touched the norm
The sparkle was now gone
And all I could feel was numb

The author's comments:

Some of the inspiration came out of my own mind, often while doing something as simple as pacing around a room. One line in particular was inspired by the song "wonderland" from Taylor Swift's 1989.

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