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The HideBehinds

December 11, 2014
By PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
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When through the woods you dare to go
There are some things you need to know
The Hidebehinds wait quietly
Until it’s too dark to even see
And when you think you’re safe and sound
You hear soft footsteps on the ground
Behind your own
You’re not alone
The Hidebehinds have come for you

Breathing down your clammy neck
And laughing silently when you get stuck
Your hair snagged on a tree branch
Your clothes pulled by thistles there
But when you turn around
They’re nowhere to be found

I think it’s best for you to see
The Hidebehinds have gotten me
And I follow you now through these trees
Whispering like the silent breeze     

The author's comments:

I was reading a scary story and was inspired to write this!

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