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A Nut For Slumber

December 23, 2014
By Ariya GOLD, Charleston, South Carolina
Ariya GOLD, Charleston, South Carolina
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-Alfred (Batman Begins)

When she drifted sleepily into the cool earth
and her roots yawned as they stretched deeper still
and her famished young stem fought for her first glimpse sunlight
she never imagined that her stem would grow to be as marvelous as her mothers'
or that her branches would provide food for a father squirrel to collect
which he would crack open to reveal the nutty meat within
which the mother would feed to her young
before they dream of the seed
and slumber softly in the tree.

The author's comments:

I read a poem by Nancy Wilard and her writing syle intrigued me so I decided to write something in a similar format.

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