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Do you Remember?

December 24, 2014
British_American_Chick GOLD, Edison,
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Favorite Quote:
"If your going through hell, keep going"
-Winston Churchill

Remember the time they look at you with awe,
They were proud,
Every time they held you.
You were innocent.

Remember all those happy moments,
They celebrated every birthday,
Every summer was filled with love.
You were just a child.

Remember that first report card,
They couldn’t contain the smiles that spread across their faces,
Every arm was draped around you squeezing the life out of you.
You were happy.

Remember that first day of high school,
They flustered around you,
Everything on you had to look perfect.
You were loved.

Remember that day they caught you,
They had anger blazing around them,
Every one of them stayed clear.
You were put to shame.

Remember that day when your whole word came crashing down,
They disappeared,
Everything you considered reality crumbled apart.
You were drowning.

Remember the shouting,
They argued till dawn showed her light,
Everyone treated you like scum.
You were a disappointment.

Remember the razor,
They stopped caring,
Every droplet of blood ran down you.
You were drowning in grief.

Remember that bags,
They told you to get out,
Everyone avoided your piercing gaze.
You were homeless.

Remember the lady,
They said she was a social worker,
Everything you said didn’t matter anymore.
You were all out of chances.

Remember that crowded home,
They moved on,
Every part of you was covered in scars,
You were worthless.

Remember the stares,
They haunted you at the dead of night,
Every eye looked into your soul.
You were an outsider.

Remember the knife,
They didn’t care,
Every voice in your head screamed at you.
You were gone.

Do you remember what caused all this?
I do,
One mistake,
One curiosity,
Caused all this suffering.

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