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Lucky As Me 2k15

December 30, 2014
By KityraAnderson PLATINUM, Mercer Island, Washington
KityraAnderson PLATINUM, Mercer Island, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing matters more than those who depend on you, emotionally or physically. Even if the situation is life or death, you have to be there for them, because they need you.

We're lucky here
Lucky to have the opportunity
And lucky to be alive
We're lucky we don't spend our lives
Cramming for that next exam
To get into that next school
To get into that one college
To graduate and realize that all of that knowledge was useless.
To realize that everything you learned was forgotten
To realize that every chance that you could have taken, should have taken, was lost.
We're lucky
To be able to speak when we wish, if we wish
Against our government, against each other, against ourselves
True, there may be consequences
Maybe labels put on you by others for your ignorance or intelligence
Maybe loss of friendships, and maybe even depression
But we're lucky it's allowed
We're lucky to be born where we were born, to breathe the air we breathe
There are many who don't have this opportunity.
There are many, caged by others, hindered by society,
That don't have this access, this opportunity we have.
We can change this. We can change the world.
Focus on what we have. Find a way to give this to others.
Everyone deserves freedom.
Everyone deserves equality.
Everyone deserves to live, love, and be who they want to be.
So stand up with me. Stand for you, your rights, and that person who's rights have been taken away.
We're the next generation of the world.
We can make the world great if we cared enough to try.
Gender equality
Racial equality
LGBTQ+ rights
The right to be who you want to be
And not what other people want you to be.
The right to an education.
The right to free speech.
The right to an identity.
The right to be.
We're lucky.
Let's make everyone else just as lucky as we are.


The author's comments:

I haven't posted in a while because I've had nothing good to say. But the other day, I was reading on a website about the college entrance exams in other countries, and I thought: wow. I'm so lucky this isn't me. I was reading about the lack of education some people have, and I thought: wow. I'm lucky this isn't me.
I feel extremely lucky to be who I am where I am because I know other people aren't as lucky as me, and some people that are don't appreciate it.
So please join me in this next coming year to make everyone as lucky as I am, as we are, even if it's something small like donating your old toys and clothes, or volunteering at a homeless shelter.
Please. Help everyone be #LuckAsMe 2k15

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