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The Mirror Told The Lie

January 4, 2015
British_American_Chick GOLD, Edison,
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Favorite Quote:
"If your going through hell, keep going"
-Winston Churchill

The girl in the mirror,
Purely unfiltered,
Afraid of the world,
Terrified of its whispers.

The glass wall surrounds her,
Reflecting the comments out,
But penetrating her heart,
With all her own doubt.

Words shoved in her mouth,
As she echos another’s reasons,
In front of the mirror,
That committed treason.

Rows and rows of fake smiles,
Awaiting the choosing ceremony,
She whisks the smile on with one hand,
Facing the deceitful mirror,
That was never her true friend.

She buries herself ,
In  piles of clothing,
Trying to find the right fit.
The one that will make her beautiful,
In the eyes of the lying mirror.

She transforms herself.
The girl in the mirror,
Is now filtered,
The image of perfection.

She's a size 0,
With flawless,
glass-like skin,
She takes her picture,
In front of the mirror that told the lie.

She stares at her fake facade,
In front of the glass of lies,
She is not herself
But someone completely altered,
That’s okay,
That is how the world made ME.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece to show how social networking has shaped us into thier own little minions. Making us spend hours on end trying to find the right filter, or the right pose before posting a picture. There was once a time when these things didnt matter, we were our own person.

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