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To love an older man..

January 21, 2015
By teacuppoetry GOLD, Lancashire, Other
teacuppoetry GOLD, Lancashire, Other
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To love an older man is like walking on rocks amongst the burning flames

It’s a risk and people look on in horror

Their shocked faces both amuse you and frighten you

You can’t change how you love

or who you love

As much as people want you to change

you just can’t.

I see a beach and I see me

Walking through the sand barefoot

My hair blowing in the sea breeze

not a care in the world

Or at least

trying not to care

People assume that because you are younger, you do not know of love

How can people who are not you tell you what is love and what isn’t?

Screaming silently to the clouds

Eyes wide

trying to see through any cracks that may appear

I want to know every detail that is wrong

I want to embrace everything wrong with this world

I may not seem so vulnerable then

To constantly walk on water and not be able to break the waves is a constant nightmare

Don’t people see?

If I could help myself I would

The reality is, I can’t


To love a man much older than I is not ideal in society situations but it is how I am natured in the way of love

I see him

stood at the bar across the room

sipping his whiskey

I can see the whiskey making tiny trickles down his throat

Burning up a storm deep inside his stomach

Fire with fire

One fire of love and one fire of whiskey

He dons a black suit

I saddle up towards him and I see that look in his eyes

His beautiful oceanic eyes

He’s transfixed on me and I am transfixed on him

He gives me life

I feel it

The impending excitement of this next journey in my life

It could take us anywhere, to London, Paris, New York

We all want to pour fire over the ice

The author's comments:

This poem is to share what internal dilemmas I have and which a lot of young girls have.

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on Jan. 28 2015 at 8:49 pm
SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
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3.5/5 I was a little conflicted when deciding what to rate this poem. I didn't particularly like the beginning. idk, it sounded very cliche to me and i wasn't intrigued by it, but somewhere near the middle- i think after "screaming silently to the clouds" - i thought from there out the quality of the poem was much better and I actually really enjoyed it. I wouldnt mind reading more of your stuff so let me know when you post some more stuff!

EttieGH GOLD said...
on Jan. 26 2015 at 4:33 am
EttieGH GOLD, Mbabane, Other
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This is great. Some things cant be helped, like who you love, no matter what everyone else says or thinks.

on Jan. 24 2015 at 9:11 pm
CaseyChickenWang SILVER, McDonough,
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Wow, I like it. It's full of emotion and it's very beautiful. It almost seems as if it represents more than loving an older man. This poem seemingly reflects a lot of things that society deem as wrong - a lot of inner conflicts that society fails to understand. Bravo! :)