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Internet Friendships

January 23, 2015
By RedPanda BRONZE, Easley, South Carolina
RedPanda BRONZE, Easley, South Carolina
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"stay true to what you believe in, even if it means to stand alone."

Sometimes I think this is the best kind of friendship,

Because I can come here and talk to you whenever

I feel the need or have the time!

I never have to get dressed up ...

nor do I have to drive my car ...

I dont not have to run up my phone bill,

nor do i have to brush my hair!


All I have to do is Come on my lap top

Sit down... turn on my computer

load up the chat program and abracadabra! ... there you are!


now  how lucky am I?

to have such a great friend as you, 

to share my many days with...

to laugh and joke with when the day is good

or to cry and feel sad with when the days are blue


I can share all my troubles and cares ...

tell you secrets ... that no one else will hear

and I can completely trust you to always

Be here ... to listen ... to share with ... and know

you will always care! WOW ...

what a glorious feeling ... to have such a good friend!


I can only hope that you know that I am that kind

Of friend to you... I will always be here 

I will listen and care 

Because sometime ago ...

you crept into my heart ... 

and there will always be that very special place for you ...

today, tomorrow and always.

Thank you for being my friend.

The author's comments:

when I got my first lap top 4 years ago, i went in to this online chat and was talking to this dude Jesse.

we talk for hours and he lived in Cali when i live is South Carolina.

he was in a band and they were going on tour with MIW in 2014 Augest and they were performing in North Carolina. so i bought a ticket and i went and we had an amazing time. i met his girlfriend and he met my boyfriend at the time. we only saw eachother once and after that day we still talk and plan to see eachother again soon

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