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so close yet so far away

January 25, 2015
By radicalchickster DIAMOND, Jericho, New York
radicalchickster DIAMOND, Jericho, New York
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Dreams are
a pleasant ride
into fantasy
re imagining things
specific situations
in your mind
you carve out
certain people
you edit dialogue
you erase certain circumstances
obstacles they faced
no such road blocks exist
my father is a wavering form
in the cosmos of my dream movie
he is glittering smiling
captured by sunlight
slimmer than he was
tall as a mighty oak
his calloused hands
big over sized mittens
do not hurt any longer
he cups my chin in his hands
takes a real good look at me
and laughs
his laugh ricochets off
the vast echoey room
we frequent
he shakes his head vehemently
as he's glimpsed the way
I've been coping
down on Earth
and he's not pleased
he clenches his jaw
and I go in my pocket
to pull out the cheap gold
watch he purchased for me
on my birthday
before he died
and I show him
that it's perfectly set
to the present time
that I wear it sometimes
as evidenced by the dye
on my right wrist
that I always carry him with me
that I broke down
and sobbed my green eyes
the other night
in the arms of someone
I deeply cared about
his strong arms
fold around me
I am encompassed
in that moment
by his comforting
scent of menthol lotion
that alleviates sore muscles
of Old Spice deodorant
of the forest green musk
he was always slathering
himself in
We exchange matching grins
his blue hazel eyes sparkle
like champagne
his heartfelt sighs
that he can't be there
shake the foundation
of the ground
we're standing on
it's all right
with those parting words
he vanishes
and I wake up
in a cold sweat
again this morning

The author's comments:

inspired by a dream i had.

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